How can your eyes that tells you your health?

What can his eyes that tells you about your health condition? In fact, the eye can not tell you a lot of things about your health just by looking in the mirror.
Explains ophthalmologist John C. Hagan, who works at a private clinic in Kansas City How can the eye can reveal a lot about the state of one's health.
1-eyes staring or raised Bug eyes
Doctors called this case protruded eyes, one of the common signs of Graves' disease or what is also known as overactive thyroid gland. In addition to the protruded eyes, people with Graves' disease of weight, loss of nerve may suffer, speed or irregular heartbeat.
2-gray ring around the cornea
Some people may suffer from the presence of a gray ring surrounds the edge of the cornea. This episode, called geriatric doctors bow name or arcus senilis is usually associated with high cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood, in addition to an increased risk of heart attacks and strokes. Any person suffering from this condition should be subject to a blood test to check for high blood lipids, especially for those under 60 years of age.
3-eyes misty or cloudy Cloudy eye
This refers to the incidence of cataracts or blurry lens inside the eye. This problem can be cure by surgery, and it should be noted that it is more common among the elderly. Cataracts, which affects young people and younger people may be due to a variety of reasons that include oncology, diabetes, in addition to the side effects of some medications.
4-skin cancer
It can basal cell carcinoma that appears in some exotic locations, including the eyelids. Where usually caused by ulcers do not heal and the loss of eyelashes. Something that can not be ignored at all. Although it is usually not fatal basal cell cancer, it may cause severe deformities, blindness and even death if arrived to the brain through the eye socket.
5-oily skin
Despite the appearance that seems like a tumor under the skin, but it is in fact nothing more than a greasy bag in the eyelid, known as chalazion. This solid mass is painful usually appear rapidly within a few days. It is more common in people with oily skin.
6-Myasthenia Myasthenia gravis
Overhanging eyelids in both eyes can be a sign of infection weakened gravis. It is one that causes autoimmune diseases muscle weakness. It should be noted that the medical treatment available for this disease, but in simple cases can be difficult to diagnose the disease.
Can an eye doctor who diagnoses that all sorts of diseases and medical conditions by looking at the retina, the light-sensitive tissue at the back of the eye. It is pathological conditions that can be monitored for ophthalmologists in some cases, HIV / AIDS, which causes severe inflammation in the retina AIDS is likely to cause blindness.
8-Horner syndrome
In this case, the eye appears strangely combines overhanging eyelids, called ptosis doctors name and the different size of the iris or what is known as anisocoria or aneisocoria. If you notice this problem when there is look in the mirror, you should consult your doctor immediately. This condition, which doctors called Horner's syndrome, sometimes associated with aneurysm and neck tumors.
Ophthalmologists can detect infection with high blood pressure, by looking at the retina. Where the rise in pressure causes the buckling of small blood vessels in the retina. In addition, it may cause scratches in the retinal veins, a condition known as AV nicking Alt_khasr arterial or venous. It should be noted that this person more susceptible to stroke.
10-Marfan syndrome
Marfan syndrome is a genetic disorder that affects the connective tissues in the body. In spite of the increased length of the tall, slim, slender fingers and abnormally are all common signs of Marfan syndrome, but eye doctors can diagnose this situation by observing characteristic changes in the tissue that holds the crystalline lens of the eye.
It is important to diagnose Marfan syndrome as soon as possible, where usually associated with this case, the weakness of the wall of the aorta. It is noteworthy that any rupture of the aorta may be fatal.
11-Cancer Anbthata
In some cases, cancer that may arise elsewhere in the body, first appears in the eye. And more types of cancer that commonly spread in the eye; lung cancer in men, and breast cancer in women.
Most people with diabetes do not realize it. But the disease usually causes significant changes in the retina can be detected by an eye doctor.
For example, diabetes can cause bleeding in the retina or Tersba fat. A condition known as diabetic retinopathy. Can diabetic retinopathy cause visual impairment and blindness. The patient needs to laser treatment to repair the damage.

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