Undigested foods to treat indigestion cure indigestion food

Indigestion or stomach disorder, common problems, Fsr digestion, dubbed the "upset stomach" describes a certain set of symptoms associated with problems of the stomach and intestines.
This health problem may cause digestive sensitivity, so it is important to take into account all suffer from this problem precision in the selection of food that is appropriate for this situation. It should be noted that in most cases of indigestion or stomach strike.
There are simple home remedies can treat indigestion, is choosing the right food for upset stomach or indigestion important part of these treatments.
Where it is the follow proper health system more caution during which to eat proper food, the best ways to treat symptoms associated with indigestion and upset stomach. This is due to the choice of healthy foods will give the opportunity for the digestive system to recover faster.
Treat indigestion following the BRAT system
It should be noted that doctors advise patients who suffer from indigestion and stomach upset following the diet called Pratt or BRAT. And characters from the word BRAT is an abbreviation of the names of some of the foods contained in this diet in English, B Bananas Banana, R rice Rice, A for apple sauce applesauce, and T for bread toasted Toast.
It is noteworthy that this diet has achieved positive results with most of they follow it. It should also address those who suffer from indigestion, upset stomach; fresh fruits and vegetables, foods rich in dietary fiber and plenty of water, in addition to the low amounts of cholesterol and fat.
In general, it and the injury during indigestion and upset stomach, it is best dealt with nice food, easy to digest, and light, as well as with attention to drinks that are also covered.
The following is a list of the ideal range of foods that can be taken to treat indigestion and upset stomach.
1.   Bananas for the treatment of indigestion
Banana is one of the nutrients found in food BRAT system, since it is easy to digest. It helps you feel full without adding more pressure or stress on the digestive system. Moreover, it gives you a range of nutrients that can help you stay strong even during illness. This means that bananas can help in ridding the digestive tract from the remnants of the bad foods. But, be careful and eat bananas only if the stomach disorder is accompanied by vomiting.
2.   Ginger to treat indigestion
In addition to its ability to reduce nausea, ginger contains the repellent properties of the wind which helps to reduce bulges and gases. It also helps in digestion and relieve cramps process, as well as the treatment of diarrhea. Because it contains high levels of antioxidants, it helps maintain the health of the body in general. Ginger can be addressed in several ways: either raw, or with food, it can also chew or eat ginger tea. To improve the digestion process, it should eat a little ginger after every meal.
3.   Oatmeal to treat indigestion
If you suffer from stomach disorder it is important to deal with the kind of foods, which is why oatmeal is a good choice. Thanks to oats contain a large amount of dietary fiber, it is able to relieve symptoms and improve the state of the stomach. It also contains a good amount of carbohydrates that help to keep your energy levels high. Because it contains low levels of cholesterol, it is a very healthy choice for your stomach.
4.   Mint for the treatment of indigestion
Peppermint is another good option for stomach disorders. This is due to its ability to calm the digestive system which reduces and limits the symptoms quickly. And it can get the most effective results, if the use of tea or peppermint oil. As is the case with ginger, the mint is a good way to reduce cramps, gas, nausea without exposure to the risk of side effects that may be caused by medications.
5.   Broth (soup) chicken for the treatment of indigestion
Because intestinal disorders, it can weaken your digestive system significantly, it is important for you to eat light foods are easy to digest. But it is easy on the digestive system digest broth (soup), chicken, it is a good choice for those who suffer from stomach disorders. In addition to being light, it is nutritious and can help in reducing diarrhea, and nausea. You can also, eating vegetable soup instead of chicken soup if desired, as it contains useful nutrients as well.
6.   Papaya to treat indigestion
Papaya contains the enzyme papain and Alkimupapaan Alababaan chymopapain, both of which can help in the promotion of health acidic environment necessary to break up proteins inside the stomach. Moreover, the papaya from good food to calm the stomach, where help digestion and reduce stomach irritation. For the best result, papaya before eating anything else in the morning.
7.   Rice for the treatment of indigestion
Rice is good because it helps you feel full, but at the same time nice on the digestive system. Therefore, it is one of the foods that contained food BRAT system. As the rice absorbs acids and gases in the stomach and helps to increase the cohesion of the stool, which helps to get rid of diarrhea and upset stomach. If you suffer from stomach disorder it is best to eat normal rice, but it was no problem to add vegetables, chicken broth or yogurt him to get a little of the flavor.
8.   Crackers to treat indigestion
The crackers as a snack good you dealt with during your injury stomach disorder. This is due to being fast, the taste delicious. Best species are regular crackers, salted crackers or baking soda. This is because it is easy to digest. These crackers help absorb stomach acids, and thus comfort her.
9.   Probiotics to treat indigestion
Most dairy products are difficult to digest, but it can be a yogurt exception.This is because probiotics such as yogurt can help to relax and calm the stomach. Also, these foods that will provide you with useful bacteria. In addition to its ability to reduce diarrhea, including that resulting from taking antibiotics.
10.   Fresh juice for the treatment of indigestion
Fresh juice is a great way to compensate for the lost body fluids. They are easy to digest and light while at the same time high energy levels help you stay active. Just make sure you avoid juices containing citric acid (citric acid). It should be noted that it can pineapple juice that helps digestion, and the best result of eating a little of it after every meal.
11.   Water for the treatment of indigestion
If you suffer from stomach disorder, it is necessary to deal with a large amount of water (two liters to three liters per day). This is because the water helps to dissolve acids, and rid the digestive system of toxins. This means he is able to expel the bad food, which caused the injury stomach disorder, outside the body. The water helps to replace lost fluids as a result of diarrhea and vomiting.
12.   Herbal tea to treat indigestion
Herbal tea is a good way to calm the stomach. And it considered all of mint tea and chamomile good options. It can mint to limit the pain of the colon, while helping Alababong to get rid of stomach disorder.
13.   Dark chocolate to treat indigestion
Dark chocolate is a good way to help accelerate bowel movement. It should be noted that most people do not refuse to eat chocolate, even with the feeling nauseous. Research has indicated that dark chocolate can help to reduce stomach cramps caused by bacteria, or food poisoning. You can also mix the hot milk with dark chocolate powder, to get a wonderful home for the treatment of stomach pain.
Through this group of proposed diets and foods, it can cure indigestion and the restoration of the stomach and intestines work better.

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